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    Membrane proteins represent 20-30% of all human proteins and cover more than 70% of therapeutic targets that are involved in many biological processes. They are crucial for cellular physiology and allow some cellular processes including cell adhesion, cell-cell communication, signal transduction, and transport. Full-length membrane proteins that maintain structural and functional integrity are ideal tools for life science research and development projects.

    Amerigo Scientific offers high-quality purified membrane proteins involved in a wide range of diseases for many discovery programs.

    Differences with other purified membrane proteins on the market:

    • Highly Pure
    • Stable
    • Functional
    • Full Length
    • Produced in Cells Biologically Compatible with Target
    • Non-aggregated
    • Unaltered
    • No Mutation/ Truncation
    • Native

    Product Range

    • GPCRs

    G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are one of the largest and most diverse families of membrane receptors in eukaryotes. Binding of the agonist to GPCRs results in the recruitment and activation of G proteins, or of other transducers. GPCRs play a role in various therapeutic areas, such as pain disorders, depression, insomnia, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Between one-third and one-half of all marketed drugs act by binding to GPCRs.

    GPCRs are unstable targets and are difficult to produce natively. To deal with the challenge, we offer GPCR targets with complete structure and function that are able to bind to agonists and antagonists. These targets make it easier for drug development to obtain successful results.

    Product Name Size Target of Conditions
    A2A GPCR Adenosine Receptors Class A 10 μg insomnia, pain, depression, Parkinson’s disease, etc.
    MT1 Melatonin Receptor 10 μg insomnia, circadian sleep disorders, depression, cardiovascular regulation, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases
    • Ion Channels

    Present in the membranes of all living cells, ion channels are pore-forming proteins that ensure the flow of charged ions from one side of a membrane to the other. Ion channel mediated ion regulation and selective transport underpins numerous fundamental physiological processes.

    Due to complexity and diversity of ion channels, the relative paucity of native and stable structures of channels precludes rational drug design. Our full-length and wild-type ion channel proteins as suitable pharmacological tools are valuable for multiple applications such as molecules screening, antibody development, and structural biology studies.

    Product Name Size Target of Conditions
    KCC2 Ion Channel Inquiry pain and epilepsy
    M2 Ion Channel Inquiry virus infection
    • Transporters

    Membrane transport proteins are involved in nutrient capture, antibiotic efflux, protein secretion, toxin production, photosynthesis, oxidative phosphorylation, and other vital functions in all organisms from microbe to humans. Transporters govern cellular influx and efflux of drugs as well and are responsible for drug resistance.

    We offer membrane transport proteins for projects of multi-drug resistance studies involving bacterial resistance to antibiotics. These transporters with high purity and stability can avoid interferences in discovery programs.

    Product Name Size Target of Conditions
    AcrB Transporter 10 μg antimicrobial resistance
    BmrA Transporter 10 μg antimicrobial resistance


    Thanks to native, unmutated, and untruncated characteristics, our membrane proteins can be as targets used in various applications:

    • Antibodies (including nanobodies, scaffold proteins, aptamers)
    • Small molecules
    • 3D structures (classical X-ray or XFEL, Cryo-EM, NMR)
    • Drug discovery (screening: high throughput screening, fragment-based drug design, structure-based drug discovery; hit and lead validation)
    • Antibody discovery (immunization and display technologies)
    • Clinical stage (drug validation)​

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