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    Typically, organelles, cells, tissues, or any other biological constructs are preserved by cooling to very low temperatures, a process known as cryopreservation. Prior to use, these biological samples are thawed or heated to the desired temperature. Thawing or warming of samples has long been an essential and critical step in both clinical medicine and biological research. The step can largely affect the physicochemical and biophysical reactions, altering the survival rate. A high property warming device is necessary for cells or tissues to be successfully used in clinical or research applications.

    At Amerigo Scientific, innovative and user-friendly solutions from the patented heat technology allow dry warming and thawing of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), erythrocyte concentrates (EK) as well as cryopreserved preparations (stem cells etc.) and infusion solutions. These products are portable, dry, quiet, large volumes, lightweight and require low labor maintenance.

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