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    Tissue dissociation systems are instruments specifically designed to dissociate biological tissue samples into single-cell suspensions. Mechanical dissociation is one of the common dissociation methods in which tissue is physically broken down into small pieces or cell suspensions by cutting, crushing, or scraping. Another common technique is enzymatic dissociation, in which the tissue is digested with enzymes to release cells from the matrix. Enzymatic digestion commonly involves trypsin, collagenase, papain, hyaluronidase, elastase, dispase, or nucleases. In addition, chemical dissociation is a technology that use chemical reagents or adjust the pH value to destroy the connections between cells to achieve the purpose of cell separation. Attention should be paid to cell integrity and functionality during dissociation to ensure that the isolated cells maintain their biological properties.

    In general, tissue dissociation instruments should have the characteristics of high efficiency, controllability, preservation of cell integrity and diversity, automated operation, reliability, and strong adaptability. With the devices, high-quality single cells are obtained in a fast and reproducible manner for a variety of tissue types and experimental needs. Tissue dissociation systems are important tools to facilitate single cell analysis workflows in cell biology studies, disease research, and drug development.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of tissue dissociation systems to meet various research needs such as single-cell sequencing, primary cell culture, flow cytometry analysis, cell sorting, and more.

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    • Application: Tissue Dissociation
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    • Catalog Number: TDS1486166SIN
    • Application: Tissue Dissociation
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