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  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is considered the standard cytokine measurement method and is widely used in disease research and drug development. Based on traditional ELISA assays, multiplex arrays have been developed to detect multiple cytokines in the same sample at the same time. The advantages of multiplex assay technology over traditional ELISA techniques include high-throughput multiplex analysis, small sample sizes required, efficiency in terms of time and cost, and the ability to measure numerous analytes in the same sample under the same experimental conditions.

    Amerigo Scientific offers arigoPLEX® Multiplex ELISA kits that allow simultaneous detection of four or eight cytokines, making quantification of multiple cytokines easy and efficient. These multiplex ELISA kits are optimized and validated to ensure maximum performance and accuracy to facilitate immunological studies on human, mouse, and rat samples. arigoPLEX® kits provide an all-in-one solution that makes cytokine research simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

    Benefits of arigoPLEX® Multiplex ELISA Kits

    • Simultaneous determination of four or eight cytokines
    • High sensitivity for quantifying cytokines at pg/mL levels
    • Wide detection range
    • Validation performed in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant
    • Single mixture detection and easy-to-use procedures

    Inflammatory Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits

    arigoPLEX® inflammatory cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits are used for simultaneous evaluation of four key inflammatory cytokines, including IL-1 beta, IL-6, TNF alpha, and IFN gamma or IL-10. The samples can be sera, plasma, and cell culture supernatants.

    Product Name Sensitivity Sample Volume
    arigoPLEX® Mouse Proinflammatory Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL1 beta, IFN gamma, TNF alpha, IL6)
    IL1 beta: 7.8 pg/ml
    IFN gamma: 15.6 pg/ml
    TNF alpha: 15.6 pg/ml
    IL6: 7.8 pg/ml
    100 µl
    arigoPLEX® Human Proinflammatory Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL1 beta, IFN gamma, TNF alpha, IL6)
    IL1 beta: 4 pg/ml
    IFN gamma: 4 pg/ml
    TNF alpha: 8 pg/ml
    IL6: 5 pg/ml
    100 µl
    arigoPLEX® Rat Inflammatory Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL1 beta, IL6, IL10, TNF alpha)
    IL1 beta: 31.3 pg/ml
    IL6: 62.5 pg/ml
    IL10: 31.3 pg/ml
    TNF alpha: 31.3 pg/ml
    25 µl

    CTL/NK Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits

    Cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) and Natural Killer (NK) cells are two distinct lineages of immune cells and play key roles in the cellular immunity against tumor cells and pathogens. Upon activation, CTLs and NK cells recognize tumor cells and secrete the pore-forming protein Perforin and the protease Granzyme, triggering apoptosis and pyroptosis, leading to tumor cell death. Perforin/granzyme-induced apoptosis is the major pathway by which cytotoxic lymphocytes to eliminate virus-infected or mutant cells. In addition, activated CTLs and NK cells secrete chemokines, especially IFN-γ and TNF-α, that promote anticancer functions.

    Immune checkpoints and immunosuppressive microenvironment inhibit CTL and NK cell activity, thereby inhibiting anti-tumor immunity. Developing immune checkpoint inhibitors and enhancing the anti-tumor immune response by targeting immunosuppressive cells such as Tregs, tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) and myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) is an emerging strategy for immunotherapy. In recent years, chimeric antigen receptor-T (CAR-T) cell and CAR-NK cell therapies are considered as powerful immunotherapy tools for the treatment of cancer.

    Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) is a systemic inflammatory response characterized by fever, difficulty breathing, hyperinflammation, and severe organ dysfunction that is associated with cell therapies, therapeutic antibodies, and haploidentical allogeneic transplantation. After CAR T cells are activated by binding with tumor cells, they secrete IL-2 to maintain their survival and function, and secrete IFN-γ and TNF-α to stimulate monocytes and macrophages to secrete inflammatory cytokines. At the same time, the destroyed tumor cells release a large number of damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), which activates macrophages to produce massive cytokines, resulting in CRS. The researchers found that cytokines including IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-6, and IL-10 were significantly elevated in patients with severe CRS.

    arigoPLEX® Human CTL/NK Activation Multiplex ELISA Kit provide a simple solution to examine the activation of CTLs and NK cells as well as to evaluate the efficacy of immunotherapy. Amerigo Scientific also offers arigoPLEX® Human CAR-T/CRS Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit that is used for simultaneous measurement of the 4 key cytokines IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-6, and IL-10.

    Product Name Sensitivity Sample Volume
    arigoPLEX® Human CAR-T / CRS Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL2, IL6, IL10, IFN gamma)
    IL2: 15.625 pg/ml
    IL6: 31.25 pg/ml
    IL10: 15.625 pg/ml
    IFN gamma: 15.625 pg/ml
    50 µl
    arigoPLEX® Human CTL/NK activation Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IFN gamma, TNF alpha, Perforin, Granzyme B)
    IFN gamma: 16.8 pg/ml
    TNF alpha: 31.25 pg/ml
    Perforin: 156 pg/ml
    Granzyme B: 31.25 pg/ml
    50 µl
    arigoPLEX® Human Gamma Delta T cell multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL8, IL17, IFN-gamma, Granzyme B)
    IL8: 23.4 pg/ml
    IL17: 7.8 pg/ml
    IFN gamma: 7.8 pg/ml
    Granzyme B: 15.63 pg/ml
    50 µl

    Macrophage Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits

    Macrophages can be divided into the classical M1 and alternative M2 types, corresponding to the T-helper type 1 and type 2 (Th1 and Th2) polarization of T cells, respectively. M1 macrophages are pro-inflammatory in nature and are characterized by their high capacity to present antigens, produce pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α, IL-1, IL-6, IL-12, and IL-12, and activate type-I T-cell responses. M2 macrophages are typically anti-inflammatory in nature and are characterized by their poor ability to present antigen. In addition, M2 macrophages have high IL-10, IL-4, and IL-13 secretory profiles, and immunosuppressive effects.

    Mouse M1/M2 Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit allows simultaneous measurement of both the M1 cytokines IL-6 and TNF-alpha and the M2 cytokines IL-4 and IL-10 in the same sample. This kit is a simple and efficient solution for distinguishing M1 and M2 macrophages from sera, plasma, and cell culture supernatants.

    Product Name Sensitivity Sample Volume
    arigoPLEX® Mouse M1/M2 Cytokines Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IL4, IL6, IL10, TNF alpha)
    IL4: 15.625 pg/ml
    IL6: 62.5 pg/ml
    IL10: 15.625 pg/ml
    TNF alpha: 31.25 pg/ml
    50 µl

    Th Cells & Tregs Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kits

    CD4+T cells and CD8+T cells constitute the majority of T lymphocytes. After activation, CD4+T cells differentiate into different effector cell subtypes and play a major role in mediating immune responses by secreting specific cytokines. CD4+T cells have multiple functions, including activation of cells of the innate immune system, B lymphocytes, cytotoxic T cells, and non-immune cells, and play an important role in suppressing immune responses. CD4+ cells are functionally divided into several subsets such as classical Th1 and Th2 cells, helper T cells 17 (Th17), and regulatory T cells (Tregs). The imbalance of Th1/Th2/Th17/Treg is related to the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and tumorigenesis.

    arigoPLEX® Mouse Th1/Th2/Th17/Treg Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Kit can be used for the simultaneous measurement of cytokines including IFN-gamma from Th1, IL-4 from Th2, IL-17 from Th17, and IL-10 from Treg. This kit is a simple solution to investigate the dynamics of Th cells and Tregs from samples such as sera, plasma, and cell culture supernatants.

    Product Name Sensitivity Sample Volume
    arigoPLEX® Mouse Th1/Th2/Th17/Treg Cytokines Multiplex ELISA Kit
    (IFN gamma, IL4, IL17, IL10)
    IFN gamma: 31.25 pg/ml
    IL4: 15.625 pg/ml
    IL17: 15.625 pg/ml
    IL10: 15.625 pg/ml
    50 µl

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