Cell Based Assays

Supporting and accelerating your cellular projects

Our partners have developed the platform to encompass all cell-based assays and technologies. These scientists possess expertise with primary cells and transformed cell lines. Complete your cell engineering projects in far less time by collaborating with a team with vast experience in custom biology services.

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Cytokine Response Assay
  • Macrophage Polarization Assay
  • T Cell Activation & Proliferation Assay
  • Responsive T Cell Trafficking Assay
  • T Cell Specificity Assay
  • DC Migration Assay

For more information on custom assay development projects, submit an online inquiry.

  • Assays to Fit Your Research Needs -- With a broad array of assay technologies, we recommend the best one to suit your unique requirements.
  • Professional Biology Services Team -- With many labs facing resources restraints, we offer institutions a powerful resource.
  • Dedicated Project Management -- For every milestone of your project, all parties involved in the project are aligned on project requirements, timelines, and budgets.

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