Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique used to separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or protein molecules based on their size, mass, and electrical charge. Under the influence of an electric field, charged molecules migrate to separate in a matrix, such as agarose gel, polyacrylamide gel, or capillary tube. Electrophoresis systems usually consist of modules: gel box or capillary array, power supply and buffer receptacle.

In addition to automatic and manual electrophoresis equipment suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories, Amerigo Scientific also offers key spare components, reagents, and kits for electrophoresis.

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CEL - L901
  • Size: 25 ml
  • Catalog Number: ES01344446CEL
  • Size: 250 ml
  • Catalog Number: ES01344445CEL
CEL - H7025
  • Size: 2 ml
  • Catalog Number: ES01344444CEL
  • Application: Control Materials
CEL - C503
  • Size: 1 L
  • Catalog Number: ES01344442CEL
CEL - D405
  • Size: 250 ml
  • Catalog Number: ES01344441CEL
CEL - D403
  • Size: 1 L
  • Catalog Number: ES01344440CEL
CEL - S302
  • Size: 100 ml
  • Catalog Number: ES01344439CEL
CEL - S308
  • Size: 1 L
  • Catalog Number: ES01344438CEL
CEL - M100/L
  • Size: 25 pcs
  • Catalog Number: ES01344437CEL
  • Application: Lipoprotein Electrophoresis
CEL - M100/H
  • Size: 25 pcs
  • Catalog Number: ES01344436CEL
  • Application: Serum Protein Electrophoresis / Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
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