Laboratory Evaporators

The laboratory evaporator is a device used to evaporate solvent to prepare pure or solid samples for analysis in many research fields. Laboratory evaporators usually rely on evaporation principles such as the blowing of inert gas, heating of the sample, and rotary motion to produce dry samples, which can be divided into gas-blowing evaporators, vacuum evaporators, and rotary evaporators.

The gas-blowing evaporator utilizes gas to blow the sample to accelerate the solvent evaporation process. Nitrogen, helium, and argon are commonly used because they are inert gases that do not react chemically with the sample. Gas-blowing evaporators can evaporate solvent at relatively lower temperatures, reducing the risk of pyrolysis or degradation of the sample, and are therefore suitable for heat-sensitive samples. However, gas-blowing evaporators are less effective at evaporating samples containing solvents with high boiling points or large quantities of solvents. Different from gas-blowing evaporators, vacuum evaporators are applied to evaporate high-boiling solvents and large quantities of solvents. By lowering the ambient pressure, the boiling point of the solvent is decreased, and the vacuum evaporators evaporate the solvent at a relatively lower temperature. The rotary evaporator, a type of vacuum evaporator, removes solvents from a sample by rotating the sample container in a vacuum environment. The rotary motion increases the surface area of the sample, thereby accelerating the evaporation of the solvent.

The main considerations for purchasing a laboratory evaporator are the evaporation principle, the application, the footprint, and the evaporation efficiency. Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of evaporators to meet our customers' varying sample characteristics and evaporation efficiency requirements.

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