Amerigo Scientific is a distribution company striving to offer the most complete product portfolio to the biomedical and life science research community. Cutting-edge technology and high-quality products from global suppliers, combined with our professional pre-sale and after-sale service support, provide you with innovative and thoughtful solutions.

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Allevi's 3D bioprinters and bioinks are used around the world to find solutions to humanity’s most difficult problems – to cure disease, to test novel drugs, and to eliminate the organ transplant waiting list.
Arcis Biotechnology
Arcis Biotechnology manufactures chemistry-based products that are used in lab tests and embedded as a component of diagnostic kits, cartridges, and in collection devices.
ArcticZymes uses access to the marine Arctic to identify new cold-adapted enzymes for use in molecular research, in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics.
Atlantic Research Chemicals
Founded with over 50 combined years of experience within the drug discovery market, Atlantic Research Chemicals aims to offer the most select, diverse and unique products for drug discovery.
Abingdon Health
A world leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality rapid lateral flow tests across all industry sectors
Founded in 2007, AnyGenes has developed a large portfolio of more than 500 cell signaling pathways ready-to-use in many species, at gene expression level.
Ampliqon is a Danish manufacturer of PCR enzymes and laboratory reagents.
Aquila Bioscience
Through utilising an innovative and revolutionary decontamination technology, Aquila Bioscience offers products that protect individuals against harmful pathogens and biotoxins.
Austral Biologicals
AUSTRAL Biologicals serves the needs of researchers in the life sciences by supplying cutting-edge biological reagents.
Arthus Biosystems
Arthus Biosystems is dedicated to developing several formats of immunoassays to efficiently detect SAM and S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH) from biosamples.
ABP Biosciences
ABP Biosciences specializes in the area of fluorescence labeling and detection technologies.
Adámas Nanotechnologies
Adámas Nanotechnologies provides fluorescent nanodiamond and detonation nanodiamond particles of the highest quality, which are supported by a large number of patents.
Angen Biotech
Angen is a biology company focused on biological samples preparation, including sample collection and preservation, nucleic acid purification, and automation.
APExBIO Technology
APExBIO Technology is a provider of molecule inhibitors, peptides, and assay kits.
American Laboratory Products Company (ALPCO) is a leading global provider of innovative molecular and immunodiagnostic products focused on infectious and gastroenterological diseases.
Apostle is a biotechnology company that provides innovative technologies and services for public health and life sciences.
Accelerated biomedical research, new generations of cures, increased global sustainability by transitioning biology to engineering
A company with the aim to design a creative future
A company committed to the R&D and application of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices and supporting instruments with ISO 13485 Quality Management System certification
Bio-Helix is committed to providing high-quality biological reagents including DNA markers, protein markers, pre-cast protein gels, nucleic acid purification, PCR reagents and more.
A manufacturer of Class III, implantable and absorbable hemostatic medical devices.
BBI Solutions
BBI Solutions offers reagents covering a comprehensive range of biomarkers and applications for the IVD market, life sciences, cell culture and beyond.
A microtechnology company that offers solutions today to the in vitro cell culture of tomorrow.
BioChain has been engaged in the field of biological sample analysis for more than 20 years, and develops a series of products from sample collection and preparation to analysis.
Bio S&T
A world-leading provider of cutting-edge gene discovery solutions.
Bio Basic
Bio Basic is a life science research-support company that manufactures genes, oligonucleotides, extraction kits, PCR reagents and many more research essentials.
BiomimX is a developer of beating organs-on-chip platforms designed as drug screening tools.
BioinGenTech offers PCR kits for the molecular detection of pathogens in both humans and animals.
Biontex Laboratories
Biontex Laboratories' operations focus is on development of products, allowing efficient introduction of genetic material (transfection) and proteins (proteofection) into eukaryotic cells.
bioLytical is a leader in the field of rapid in vitro medical diagnostics.
BRinova is dedicated to developing products based on advanced modern biopolymer platforms related to nanotechnology.
Bioatlas is an advancing European biotechnology company providing high-quality molecular biology products.
Biosynth Carbosynth
Biosynth's mission is to supply critical raw materials and services to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.
BioTeZ is a partner of research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, and laboratory diagnostics.
BioAssay Systems
BioAssay Systems develops innovative and high-throughput assay solutions to meet the growing needs of the life sciences industry.
BioSurface Technologies
BioSurface Technologies Corporation produces biofilm reactor systems for evaluating and monitoring biofilm processes.
Sentinel Diagnostics
An Italian company specialized in the development and the production of In Vitro Diagnostics
St John's Laboratory
Offering commercially-validated and peer-reviewed primary and secondary antibodies
Sansure Biotech
A biotechnology company that develops and manufactures a complete product line for molecular laboratories
A company focused on developing cutting-edge SERS substrates
SACACE develops and manufactures more than 140 complete kits, including all reagents for nucleic acid extraction, amplification of specific regions (PCR or RT-PCR) and detection of amplification products.
Shinwa Chemical Industries
An expert in the field of separation technology and chemical analysis, focusing on genome drug discovery, the development of new sources of energy, environmental hormones, and so on
Sunresin's resin portfolio includes about 25 product categories which are broadly used in industries such as water and waste water treatment, food processing, biotech, and plant extraction.
Severn Biotech
A manufacturer of high-quality biochemical products used in molecular biology
ScreenFect is committed to the development of novel chemicals and reagents for the transfection of diverse cells.
Slingshot Biosciences
Slingshot's revolutionary technology is a new paradigm for any cell-based application. The company applied the tenets of biochemistry, high-precision manufacturing and polymer chemistry to create FlowCytes™.
Soluble Biotech
Soluble Biotech is a provider of soluble and stable formulations for proteins including vaccines, antibodies, large and small proteins, and protein complexes.
Sysmex Partec
Sysmex Partec products are used in a wide range of applications in immunology, cell biology, microbiology, biotechnology, agrosciences, plant breeding, aquaculture and other fields.

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