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    Gas chromatography packed columns are widely used in gas chromatography. The key part of a packed column is the stationary phase, which determines the application and characteristics of the column. Amerigo Scientific supplies high-quality packing materials of different sizes, polarities and materials for gas-liquid chromatography and gas-solid chromatography, including uncoated stationary phases, liquid stationary phases, supports and pre-coated liquid stationary phase packing to meet the needs of different customers.

    The uncoated packing materials are mainly suitable for gas-solid chromatography columns. Those materials mainly include inorganic adsorbents and porous polymer beads. We offer a wide range of adsorbents including silica gel with strong polarity, activated alumina with medium polarity, activated carbon with non-polarity and molecular sieve 13X with extremely uniform pore. Most of them can be used at high temperatures, with high adsorption capacity and good thermal stability, making them ideal stationary phases for the analysis of permanent gases and gaseous hydrocarbon mixtures.

    The coated packing is usually applied in gas-liquid chromatography columns, consisting of a homogeneous, chemically inert, rigid support and a liquid stationary phase coated on the support. Amerigo Scientific’s supports are not limited to porous polymer beads (unique porous polymer with extremely homogeneous pore size and large surface area), diatomaceous earth supports (supporting medium to high stationary phase concentrations with ultra-low surface activity), carbon supports (highly heat and water resistant), fluororesin and terephthalic acid supports (low adsorption and high corrosion resistance), as well as porous silica supports (very few mesopores and superior physical strength). Our supports are compatible with a wide range of liquid stationary phases, thus customers can combine them to create the most suitable packing materials for specific needs.

    In addition to supports and liquid stationary phases, we also provide standard pre-coated packing materials that can be used directly in GC packed columns. Our purpose is to simplify the selection of the appropriate stationary phase and the fabrication process for our customers, and improve the efficiency and stability of analysis.

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