Carotenoids are tetraterpenoid pigments widely distributing in chloroplasts of plants, algae, bacteria and fungi, where they can be useful taxonomic markers. As accessory pigments in plants, carotenoids absorb blue light energy in photosynthesis and protect from destructive photooxidation. And some animals use carotenoids for colouration, such as birds, fish and many invertebrate animals. In humans, β-carotene and other carotenoids, as the main dietary precursors of vitamin A, have antioxidant activity and protective effects against cancer, heart disease and degenerative eye disease. Current carotenoids researches encompass various fields, and high quality carotenoid reference materials are necessary for all the analytical and industrial applications.

Amerigo Scientific provides a broad range of highly purified carotenoid standards, suitable for accurate analytical measurement and quality control, ensuring reliable analysis and sound results. Our carotenoid standards are prepared either by advanced extraction from natural sources or by chemical synthesis, and are sealed packed after fully characterized by HPLC (usually ≥95%) and UV/Vis spectra, to ensure high quality and stability. These standards can be used in academic and industrial fields, such as phytochemistry, metabolomics, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

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