Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is the utilization of a programmed machine to combine cells, growth factors, and biomaterials to fabricate biomedical parts with unprecedented accuracy and precision. According to different prototyping principles and printing materials, 3D bioprinting-based approaches are mainly divided into: extrusion-based, droplet-based, and photocuring-based bioprinting.

Amerigo Scientific offers 3D bioprinters from manufacturers developing revolutionary technologies, which can not only build a bioprinting platform for researchers in the early stage, but also meet the higher needs of researchers in regenerative repair, drug screening, tumor model, personalized medicine, and other areas.

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Allevi 1
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055494ALL
  • Specification: Extruders: 1 × Allevi CORE; Photocuring: LED – 365 and 405 nm
Allevi 2
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055495ALL
  • Specification: Extruders: 2 × Fixed; Photocuring: LED – 405 nm standard
Allevi 3
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055496ALL
  • Specification: Extruders: 3 × Allevi CORE; Photocuring: LED – 365 and 405 nm​
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055497ALL
  • Specification: 1 month
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055498ALL
  • Specification: 1 year; 5 years
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055499ALL
  • Specification: Non-sterile; Sterile
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055500ALL
  • Specification: Stainless steel 5 mL
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055501ALL
  • Specification: Stainless steel 10 mL
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055502ALL
  • Specification: Nozzle Gauge-241814
  • Catalog Number: 3B01055503ALL
  • Specification: Available in a variety of specifications

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