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    The analysis of cells helps to understand the functions of genes and proteins and the regulatory mechanisms that control these functions, as well as screen for potential inhibitors or inducers in biological processes. Cell-based assays and analysis are vital experimental tools in life science research and biomanufacturing.

    Understanding the function of cells is also important to reveal the mechanisms of diseases and progress drug discovery. To identify compounds that influence cell activity, it is mandatory to monitor their cellular effects and their mode of action on various intracellular signaling pathways.

    Amerigo Scientific offers improved analytical solutions to analysis cellular function involving cell viability, cell proliferation, autophagy, cellular senescence, cell metabolism, and mitochondrial function.

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    • Size: 30-100 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437181CYT
    • Size: 30-100 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437180CYT
    • Size: 100 ug (treated) + 100 ug (untreated)
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437179CYT
    • Size: 96 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437178CYT
    • Size: 50 lyses
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437177CYT
    • Size: 50 filters
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437176CYT
    • Size: 30 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437175CYT
    • Size: 30 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437174CYT
    • Size: 30 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437173CYT
    • Size: 96 assays
    • Catalog Number: CFA1437172CYT
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