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    Chemically modified oligonucleotides have been studied extensively for many years, enabling numerous RNA-based tools such as ribozymes, aptamers, or therapeutic oligonucleotides to have additional chemical functionalities to strengthen the nucleoside backbone against degradation or enhance the desired catalytic or binding properties.

    Chemically modified RNA oligonucleotides bear advantages of nuclease stability, strong binding affinity, and some other unique properties. Nucleobase modifications have been found to improve the drug-like properties of oligonucleotides, such as cellular uptake, intracellular stability, target specificity, binding affinity, and reduced immune stimulation. Ribose modification can increase oligonucleotide activity in two primary ways, including increasing binding affinity to ligands and nuclease resistance. Like ribose modification, backbone modifications can modulate oligonucleotides activity and nuclease resistance.

    With increasing interest in the modified RNA oligomers, solid-phase synthesis phosphoramidite chemistry has become the most general mothed that allows for the introduction of site-specific functionalized groups into RNA, which involves two strategies. One strategy is a classical modified monomer method by preparing modified phosphamide building blocks and incorporating them into RNA chains. The other is a post-synthetic RNA modification based on selective chemical reactions of full-length oligonucleotide precursor units prepared by classical methods. Amerigo Scientific offers a wide variety of modified RNA phosphoramidites and supports to meet oligonucleotide synthesis needs.

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