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  • Laboratories require a variety of equipment and instruments to perform tests and conduct research. In addition to general laboratory equipment, laboratories in specialized disciplines require instruments with specific uses to achieve research purposes. We provide laboratory equipment and instruments to support testing needs, including chemical molecular identification, protein analysis, cell culture, air sampling, water purification, sample tracking, etc.

    Requirements, laboratory space, and budget are three important considerations for instrument selection. Laboratory needs depend on the requirements of laboratory work. In addition, the size, capacity and portability of the instrument are critical. Cost-effective and energy-saving instruments can reduce the budget burden of laboratories.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a wide selection of reliable and accurate laboratory equipment and instruments. Whether you need large lab equipment such as biosafety cabinets, freezers, and incubators, or small lab instruments such as microscopes, baths, and syringe pumps, rely on us for all your lab needs.


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