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Mutation breeding is one of the most effective strategies for improving microbial or plant traits. Common methods include chemical and physical mutagenesis. Chemical mutation breeding achieves gene mutation through the application of chemical mutagens, including alkylating agents or azides. Traditional physical mutation breeding is mainly through physical radiation such as X-rays, γ-rays, ultraviolet rays, or heavy particle beams, which damage or alter the genome of an organism to produce new genetic variations with favorable traits. X-rays and γ-rays are electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet radiation is non-ionizing radiation, and heavy ion beams are beams of high-energy heavy ions, including protons, helium ions, carbon ions, and so on. Plasma is a fully or partially ionized gas, consisting of neutral and charged particles. Plasma breeding is an emerging physical breeding method that does not produce harmful radiation, toxic chemicals, or any environmentally harmful waste.

Mutation breeding is economically beneficial for creating plants and microorganisms with new traits and characteristics in a relatively short period of time. Common applications of plant mutation breeding include the improvement and development of varieties with improved growth traits, disease resistance, tolerance, and other characteristics, thereby increasing crop yield and quality. Microbial mutation breeding facilitates improved tolerance to media components, increased cell growth and cellular biomass production, enhanced enzyme activity, and increased production.

Mutagenesis breeding technologies have several advantages such as genetic diversity, rapidity, and cost-effectiveness. Amerigo Scientific offers advanced technology-based mutation breeding instruments to support innovative research in breeding.

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