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    Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation method-of-choice often used by chromatographers prior to analysis. SPE is a stepwise chromatography designed to extract, partition, and adsorb target components from samples onto a stationary phase. The adsorbed substance can be removed from the stationary phase by stepwise increase of elution strength of the eluent.

    SPE is most commonly used to remove interfering compounds from a sample, and can also be used to concentrate analytes of interest in samples. The use of SPE can prolong the lifetime of chromatographic systems, improve the ability of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and greatly reduce the requirements for analytical instruments.

    Amerigo Scientific offers SPE columns, cartridges, plates and accessories by various materials and techniques, in preparation for chromatography. A broad range of products are available in a multitude of selectivity, sizes and formats.

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    • Catalog Number: SPE1462588POL
    SPESE1203; SPESE1215; SPESE2003; SPESE2015
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1462587POL
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: SPE1462586POL
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: SPE1462585POL
    SPEPR1203; SPEPR1215; SPEPR2015
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1462584POL
    SPECT1203; SPECT1215; SPECT2003; SPECT2015
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1462583POL
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1454593BIO
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1454592BIO
    COQP4100; COQS4100
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1454591BIO
    COQP4115; COQS4115
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    • Catalog Number: SPE1454590BIO
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