In gas-liquid chromatography, the stationary phase is a liquid medium in which the separation occurs. One of the determinants of sample composition separation is the relative strengths of intermolecular interactions between analytes and stationary phase molecules. The more similar between the components in sample and stationary phases in polarities, the stronger affinities show. And the analytes are separated from each other because of the differences of retention on stationary phases.

At Amerigo Scientific, numerous from non-polar (e.g., squalene) liquids to polar (e.g., polyethyleneglycol) liquids for gas chromatography are available. These stationary phases are in good wetting capacity, and can be coated onto a solid support and packed into a GC packed columns, or coated onto the wall of a GC capillary column. In addition, the feature of our liquid stationary phases are:

  • Low melting points and low vapor pressures at high temperatures
  • Long operating lifetimes, and good reproducibility
  • Small mass transfer resistances
  • Rapid distribution equilibria
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