Biospecimen is defined as a sample of material from human, animals, or plant, such as urine, blood, tissue, cell, DNA, RNA, or protein. Biospecimens may be used for functional genomics and proteomics research applications like expression analysis or for epigenetic studies.

Amerigo Scientific supplies a wide range of high quality biospecimens to support your research. These biological materials are from healthy or diseased human and animal tissues as well as plant tissues, including tissue samples and derived products such as DNA, total RNA, cDNA, and proteins.

Product Category


Total Protein Lysates

Total protein tissue lysates extracted from over 300 different tissues and cell lines

Matched Pair - Total Proteins

Generated from both tumors and the corresponding normal tissues of the same donor

Universal Protein Lysates

Used as controls for antibody arrays and Western Blot Analysis

Total Protein Western Blot

Used for proteomics, gene discovery, and functional analysis

Membrane Proteins

Membrane proteins from normal, diseased, and tumor tissues of human or other species



cDNAs from healthy and diseased human tissues, as well as mouse, rat, monkey, and plant tissues

Matched Pair-cDNAs

First-stand cDNAs generated from human tumors and normal tissues from the same donor

Matched Pair - Total RNAs

Total RNAs generated from tumors and normal tissues from the same donor

Total RNAs

Total RNAs extracted from tissues and cell lines of various species

Room Temp RNAs

RNAs that can be stored and transported at room temperature

Universal RNAs

Used as reference RNAs for microarray gene-profiling studies and other functional analyses


Frozen Tissue Sections

Ideal for ISH, IHC, and other demanding applications

FFPE Tissue Sections

Paraffin tissue section covering human diseased and normal tissues, as well as mouse, rat, and monkey tissues

Liquid Biopsy

cfPure® DNA Free Plasma

A plasma in which all the DNA molecules are removed but other components remain


NGS Library Prep Kits

To increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep

COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 related research products

Kits & Reagents

Molecular biology kits for DNA, RNA, protein extractions, etc.

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