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    Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) are one of the most important inorganic metal oxide materials due to their multifunctional properties, stability, low cost, and wide usage. ZnO NPs are becoming attractive agents for medical applications, because of their antibacterial and anticancer activities, UV-absorbing actions, low toxicity, and good biocompatibility. The antibacterial mechanisms may include: the electrostatic interaction between ZnO NPs and cell wall, leading to the destruction of cell integrity; the release of antibacterial Zn2+ ions; the accumulation of nanoparticles in cells; and the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Activation of ZnO NPs results in a series of reactions to form ROS, such as hydrogen peroxide, superoxide anion radical, hydroxyl radical and hydroxyl radical. The formation of ROS in the intracellular and extracellular environment and the accumulation of ROS in the cell can lead to the destruction of many structures, leading to cell death. ZnO NPs are also excellent drug carrier systems. The inherent anticancer and antimicrobial activities of ZnO NPs render them superior to other commonly used drug carriers, such as lipid and polymeric NPs. ZnO NPs has excellent ultraviolet (UV)-absorbing properties and transparency for visible light and can be used as excellent sunscreen agents. In addition, ZnO NPs have widespread applications as biosensors, gas sensors, solar cells, ceramics, nanogenerators, photo detectors, catalysts, active fillers for rubber and plastic, anti-virus agent in coating, pigments, optical materials, cosmetics, photocatalytic, electrical and optoelectronic processes and systems and additives in many industrial products and in treatment of water.

    ZnO NPs occur in a very rich variety of sizes and shapes, providing a wide range of properties. Various approaches have been employed to synthesize ZnO NPs, which mainly include the chemical precipitation method, sol-gel method, solid-state pyrolytic method, solution-free mechanochemical method, and biosynthesis method. Mostly, the selected method depends on the desired application, as different methods produce different morphologies and different sizes of ZnO particles. An assortment of ZnO nanostructures with different growth morphologies such as nanorods, nanosphere, nanotubes, nanowires, nanoneedles and nanorings have been successfully synthesized. Such unique ZnO nanostructures reflected the richest nano-configuration assembly compared to other nano-metal oxides, in terms of properties and structure, such as nanobelts, nanocages, nanocombs and nanosprings/nanohelixes. Each nanostructure has specific structural, optical, electrical, and physicochemical properties, permitting remarkable applications.

    Amerigo Scientific offers stable, monodispersible, perfectly passivated and biosafe ZnO based nanoparticles, including ZnO quantum dots, innovative quantum dots containing PDMS-based elastomer, and zinc peroxide nanoparticles. Our ZnO based nanoparticles stand as superior and novel products of its kind available on the market. The ultra-small size, well-defined structure, high stability and strong antibacterial activity provide superior performance in many potential applications.

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    ZnO-ink-5; ZnO-ink-10; ZnO-ink-25
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344463NAN
    ZnO-ink-5 H; ZnO-ink-10 H; ZnO-ink-25 H
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344462NAN
    ZnO-dmac-ink-5; ZnO-dmac-ink-10; ZnO-dmac-ink-25
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344461NAN
    Quantsil H
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344460NAN
    Quantsil L
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344459NAN
    ZnO2-nOKT-S-50; ZnO2-nOKT-S-100; ZnO2-nOKT-S-250
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344458NAN
    ZnO2-MEAA-S-50; ZnO2-MEAA-S-100
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344457NAN
    ZnO2-oPEG-S-50; ZnO2-oPEG-S-100; ZnO2-oPEG-S-250
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344456NAN
    ZnO2-MA-S-50; ZnO2-MA-S-100
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344455NAN
    ZnO2-S-50; ZnO2-S-100; ZnO2-S-250
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: ZON1344454NAN
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