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    In life science laboratories, general laboratory equipment is required for daily experiments. As the complexity of assay increases, so does the opportunity for human error in sample processing and data collection. Equipment integration and automation provide accurate and time-saving means of data collection, process control, and optimization. The increasing flexibility of the equipment in the functional and application aspects means that a single device can perform many different tasks. Automation eliminates many time-consuming and repetitive experimental steps and significantly reduces the time required to generate results, thus allowing laboratory technicians to spend their time focusing on data analysis rather than recording data. In modern laboratories, lab equipment can record data and submit it to the Cloud for storage. When a failure occurs, equipment alerts lab technicians through Cloud technology. A controlled laboratory environment is of great benefit to laboratory work. Even a small change in temperature can be enough to alter the experimental results. However, the impact can be avoided or minimized, if the equipment alerts the responsible party on their smartphone in time when the temperature changes unexpectedly. In addition, trial data can be uploaded and accessed by multiple project contributors using cloud technology. This efficient communication improves the productivity and the ability to work collaboratively. Many pieces of equipment have been much smaller over time, which saves bench space, labor, and money. Assays based on new technologies typically require a small amount of samples. Advances in technology enable the transition from a single tube sample to multi-well sample on a microtiter plate, and eliminate the possible contamination in the process of sample collection.

    General laboratory equipment includes pipettes, incubators, fume hoods, thermometers, desiccators, PH meters, vortex instruments, water baths, shakers, etc. Regular instrument maintenance and update are the basis for maintaining a well-functioning laboratory. Amerigo Scientific offers a variety of general lab equipment to meet your needs for updating or restocking equipment in your laboratory.

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