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    Extracellular matrix-derived products are widely used for in vitro cell cultures both as two-dimensional (2D) substrates and as three-dimensional (3D) encapsulation gels because of their ability to control cell phenotypes through biospecific cues. However, batch-to-batch variations, poor stability, cumbersome handling, and the relatively high costs strictly limit their use.

    Amerigo Scientific offers PhenoDrive, a series of synthetic, peptide-based biomaterials specifically designed to promote the appropriate in-vitro cell response to meet the needs of cell research.


    PhenoDrive products are easy-to-use, one-step additives for in vitro 2D and 3D cell culture, and are recommended for use as coatings on traditional 2D culture plastics or as decorations for 3D scaffolds. PhenoDrive products can also be used as biomimetic additives for bioinks in 3D cell bioprinting.

    PhenoDrive is a class of synthetic biomaterials which are able to:

    • Mimic the components of the extracellular matrix of a range of tissues
    • Promote cellular architecture to regulate cell phenotype, promote cell function, and maintain cell viability
    • Coat all types of tissue culture plastic, glassware and porous 3D scaffolds
    • Support cell construct formation in suspension

    Unlike other options available for the in vitro cell culture, PhenoDrive produces a near-to-monolayer biomimetic functionalization of surfaces without the need for gel formation. As a result, our products are compatible with standard microscopy and imaging techniques, allowing the use of conventional fixation and staining protocols.

    PhenoDrive Selection Guide

    PhenoDrive products are specifically tailored for different cell types. All products are supplied in vials of 1 mg each, suitable for coating 2 x 96 well plates at a substrate concentration of 0.1 mg/mL. To learn which PhenoDrive is appropriate for your cells and applications, please contact us for more information.

      PhenoDrive Y PhenoDrive I PhenoDrive R PhenoDrive U PhenoDrive PS PhenoDrive Q
    Stem Cells    
    iPS Cells          
    NSC/ Neural Cells        
    Endothelial Cells          
    Epithelial Cells        
    Pancreatic Beta Cells          
    Cancer Cells        

    Benefits of PhenoDrive

    The multifunctional properties of PhenoDrive allow it to be used as a coating, in suspension or as a bioink. Compared with GelMatrix/Matrigel, the use of PhenoDrive is simpler and more effective and reduces the time and cost of experimental optimization. PhenoDrive is a stable powder that can be reconstituted and used at room temperature for easy operation without affecting the function and survival of cells.

    Easy to Operate: PhenoDrive can be reconstituted in cell media. It is easy to pipette, providing optimal reproducibility and reducing repeated experiments.
    Compatibility: PhenoDrive is optically clear, providing unrivalled conditions for microscopy and facilitating manuscript ready images for quicker dissemination.
    Stability: PhenoDrive offers stable culture conditions up to 15 days, while gel-based substrates tend to breakdown after 5 days of culture. The longer experiment time allows for more in-depth and longitudinal studies.
    Repeatability: PhenoDrive as a synthetic material can produce highly reproducible results, while GelMatrix/Matrigel is a natural material, whose function may be affected by batch-to-batch variations.
    Functionality: PhenoDrive promotes the formation of tissue-like and larger spheroids compared to GelMatrix/Matrigel which leads to smaller spheroids with limited vascular cell sprouting.

    PhenoDrive Vs GelMatrix/Matrigel

      GelMatrix/Matrigel PhenoDrive
    Methods Coating, encapsulation Coating, encapsulation, suspension, and bioink
    Temperature 4°C (ice) Room temperature
    Handling (viscosity) High Low
    Stability in culture 5 days 15 days
    Microscopy Opaque Transparent
    Composition Natural Synthetic
    Formulations One Six

    Images Taken of Cells on PhenoDrive

    Images Taken of Cells on PhenoDrive

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