Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used to remove laboratory ware, especially hard, non-absorbent materials such as metals and plastics. They are especially useful for removing tightly adhered contaminants from complex items with blind holes, cracks, and grooves, which are difficult to reach with manual cleaning.

The ultrasonic vibrations produced by ultrasonic cleaners create tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution, and then the bubbles collapse near the surface of the object, thus cleaning and removing surface dirt and contaminants. The frequency of cleaning is generally in the range of 20-40 kHz. Items with simple structures are generally cleaned at 20 kHz, while items with more complex and delicate structures are generally cleaned at a higher frequency.

There are many advantages to using ultrasonic cleaners to clean precision equipment and accessories. Ultrasonic cleaners produce very tiny bubbles that do not damage the structure of the object. Ultrasonic cleaners do not require the harsh chemicals commonly used as cleaning agents in many industries. Moreover, objects do not need to be in direct contact with the cleaning brushes, thus reducing the risk of surface abrasion and scratching.

Amerigo Scientific offers ultrasonic cleaners in a wide range of sizes and configurations, as well as their accessories and consumables to provide deep and effective cleaning for various items.

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