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Data loggers are electronic devices that detect, record, and store various environmental data over time. These devices have a broad range of measurements that can be customized to different needs. They can be a single stand-alone unit or consist of multiple channels and they are usually small devices powered by batteries. Data loggers use a microprocessor, internal memory for storing data, and sensors to collect data. Data loggers can either be connected to a computer and use software to view and analyze the collected data, or they can be used as stand-alone devices with a local interface. In addition, some advanced data loggers are available with wireless data loggers that can transmit data in real-time to a computer or the cloud for remote monitoring and data access.

Data loggers can accept different input types including CO2 concentration, pressure, temperature, humidity, voltage, or current. Multi-input data loggers can accept two or more types of inputs. Some data loggers can even accept all types of inputs. In laboratory research, and storage and transportation of biochemical products, temperature and humidity data loggers are often used to ensure the accuracy of experiments and to assure the quality and safety of products. In plant growth studies and photobiology experiments, light data loggers are used to measure and record the effects of light conditions on biological processes. In laboratories, voltage or current data loggers are used to measure and record changes in voltage and current in electrical circuits, which helps researchers understand information about the behavior of circuits and material properties.

Amerigo Scientific offers high performance and durable data loggers of various types, multiple channels, and measurement ranges to collect and record data on different environmental parameters to support your research, monitoring, and analysis efforts.

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