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  • Promotion of autophagy and glutaminolysis via stabilization of glutaminase by BAG3

    BAG3 is a protein involved in the regulation of various cellular functions, such as apoptosis, cell differentiation, and macroautophagy, etc. In cells overexpressing BAG3, glutaminase (GLS) succinylation is promoted, which prevents ubiquitination and subsequent proteosomal degradation, stabilizing the GLS protein. Stabilization of GLS promotes glutaminolysis, which in turn increases glutamine consumption. This results in increased intracellular glutamate and increased intracellular α-ketoglutarate, an intermediate product of glutamine metabolism. Accelerated glutaminolysis produces ammonia in the culture medium, which contributes to the activation of autophagy. For cancer cells with enhanced glutaminolysis, BAG3 has been suggested as a potential target for cancer therapy.

    *BAG3 is a protein that is ubiquitously distributed in human tissues and is induced by various stresses. BAG3 is a protein involved in the regulation of various cellular functions and is also associated with cancer and age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

    Glutamine Metabolism and Autophagy


    Objective Product Name CAT. No.
    α-Ketoglutaric Acid Measurement α-Ketoglutarate Assay Kit-Fluorometric K261
    Glutamine Assay Glutamine Assay Kit-WST G268
    Glutamate Assay Glutamate Assay Kit-WST G269
    Autolysosome Detection DALGreen - Autophagy Detection D675
    Autophagosome Detection DAPGreen - Autophagy Detection D676
    DAPRed - Autophagy Detection D677

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