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    Amerigo Scientific offers human matched pair total protein products generated from human tumors and the corresponding normal tissues from the same donor, including Primary Pair (PP) products, as well as Primary and Metastatic Pair (PM) products. PP total proteins are isolated from primary tumors and adjacent unaffected normal tissues. PM total proteins are isolated from primary tumors and corresponding metastatic tumors. Matched pair total protein products are useful tools for accelerating gene expression analysis by identifying tumor-specific and tumor metastatic proteins and genes.


    • Human tissue lysates isolated from tumor and normal tissues from the same patient
    • Decontamination of polysaccharide, proteoglycan, RNase, and genomic DNA
    • Extensive quality control procedures to ensure high quality
    • Tissue clinical history documents are available


    • Western Blot (10 µg to 20 µg per lane is recommended for a mini gel)
    • Immunoprecipitation
    • Electrophoresis
    • Enzymatic activity analysis
    • Protein-protein interaction
    • Tissue specific expression

    Quality Guarantee

    • Human tissue lysates are verified by SDS-PAGE analysis as a consistent pattern.
    • Human tissue lysates are positively confirmed by Western Blot using specific biomarker: GAPDH for total protein, cytoplasmic and universal total protein; Histone for nuclear protein; Na/K ATPase for membrane protein; Vimentin for cytoskeleton protein.
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