Dry Baths

Dry baths also known as metal baths, are usually made of metal with excellent thermal conductivity, such as aluminum or copper, in which samples can be heated or cooled to the desired temperature. Laboratory dry baths are used to thaw, boil, incubate and heat samples for use in molecular biology, assay preparation, tissue/cell culture, biochemistry, genetics, and proteomics.

There are many distinct advantages of dry bath instruments over traditional water baths, especially since dry baths are equipped with microprocessors and digital displays that make it easy to set and confirm temperatures. In addition, dry baths typically have faster heating and cooling rates, allowing set temperatures to be reached quickly. Dry baths also offer significant advantages over water baths when it comes to laboratory safety. Because using a dry bath there is no risk of liquid dumping, liquid spills, or sample contamination, which minimizes accidents and safety issues during experimental operations. Based on these advantages, the application of dry baths is now gradually replacing the function of water baths.

Various types of dry baths are available from Amerigo Scientific, including classic and portable dry baths, as well as dry baths that cool samples below room temperature. In addition, a wide range of standard bath blocks are available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and applications.

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