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    Most molecules found in living systems are naturally prepared by iterative assembly of a limited number of bi-functional building blocks. For example, proteins are typically made up of just 20 amino acids, and nucleic acid molecules are made up of only four nucleotides. Taking advantage of this inherent modularity, generic building block-based strategies are developed to efficiently, flexibly and fully automated access to these molecules in laboratories, which brings new enlightenment and revolution to chemical synthesis techniques. Organic synthesis is a branch of chemical synthesis which deals with the structure and reactions of organic compounds. It is extremely impractical to produce complex compounds from simple solvents. A more convenient and time-saving approach is to synthesize the target compound using organic building blocks that are relatively inexpensive due to mass production.

    Chemical building blocks are small molecules bearing various reactive functional groups that allow introducing certain structural motifs into the desired final products. Most of their structures are based on rare chemical types with good physicochemical parameters, so they have good decorative properties in the combinatorial synthesis of compound libraries. Building blocks can be converted into a variety of secondary chemicals and intermediates, and thus have a wide range of different downstream uses, including promising applications in pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a large number of building blocks, ranging from widely needed chemical building blocks to rare compounds, to meet the needs of synthetic chemists around the world, thereby freeing up more time for other valuable research.

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