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  • Molecular cloning is a powerful technique required to isolate and expand specific DNA fragments into a host organism to produce large numbers of identical copies, which allows the generation of complex combinations of DNA fragments for most disparate downstream applications. In addition to the traditional restriction enzyme cloning strategy, many other molecular cloning techniques have been developed, and there are now many alternatives to performing molecular cloning experiments, such as PCR cloning, ligation independent cloning (LIC), seamless cloning, and recombinatorial cloning. Researchers often use DNA-restrictive enzymes and ligases to insert genes of interest into expression vectors for subsequent protein expression. The vector is then inserted into a cell that will express the protein encoded by the target gene, or the protein expression is completed using a cell-free protein synthesis system. Once the protein is expressed, the function of the protein can be studied, such as its effects on signaling, morphology, or other aspects within the cell. Alternatively, the protein can be expressed in large quantities, purified, and used for many downstream applications. Cloned and expressed products are commonly used in biotechnology research for the production of antibodies, small molecule identification, and functional studies. Constructing efficient cloning and expression systems requires the suitable biomaterials. Amerigo Scientific offers reliable vectors, reagents, and kits of a variety of expression systems to facilitate efficient, rapid, and simplified cloning and gene expression.

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