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  • Nano-hydroxyapatite is the major component of teeth hard tissue, corresponding to 97 % of the enamel and up to 70% of dentin. The tooth enamel building blocks are hydroxyapatite nanocrystals that can hardly be repaired naturally at a rate which maintains teeth integrity avoiding hypersensitivity.

    nanoXIM products for oral care applications are bioactive nano-hydroxyapatite ingredients available as a water-based suspension and a fine powder form. The nanoXIM ingredients for oral applications are key components in oral care product formulations that effectively reduce dental hypersensitivity while enhancing enamel remineralization.

    nanoXIM•CarePaste effectively penetrates and occludes the exposed dentin tubules. This process seals the tubules and prevents exposure of nerves to external stimuli, thereby reducing dental hypersensitivity. Moreover, nanoXIM•CarePaste binds to the dentin apatite and tooth enamel creating a new apatite layer that remineralizes the enamel and protects the surface of the tooth. This layer smoothes teeth and protects them from acids in food and drinks.

    Nano-hydroxyapatite for Oral Care


    nanoXIM Oral products are incorporated with proven success in oral care products formulations.

    •  Toothpastes
    •  Gels
    •  Mouthwashes
    •  Professional

    nanoXIM•CarePaste is the recommended ingredient for aqueous formulations. nanoXIM•CarePaste is incorporated in toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels and other oral care products formulated to reduce and prevent dental hypersensitivity and enhance enamel remineralization. Moreover, nanoXIM•CarePaste contributes to a smooth teeth surface with natural white effect.

    nanoXIM•CarePowder is incorporated in end products that cannot incorporate aqueous ingredients in their formulations as dental varnishes and some specific whitening products.

    Product Range

    Product Name Size Inquiry
    nanoXIM CarePaste Hydroxyapatite (15.5±0.5 wt%) Inquiry
    nanoXIM CarePowder Particular size < 100 μm, (≥ 95%) Inquiry

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