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    In gas-liquid chromatography, high-quility solid supports holding liquid stationary phases are an important determinant to achieve high column efficiency. An ideal support not only increases the surface area of the liquid film to allow more interaction with sample components, but also does not interact physically and chemically with the sample components and phases to avoid decomposition and adsorption. Therefore, it is necessary to select supports based on the analytes and liquid stationary phases.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a wild range of high quality inert solid supports, including porous polymer beads (with extremely homogeneous pore size and large surface area), diatomaceous earth supports (for supporting medium to high stationary phase concentrations with ultra-low surface activity), carbon supports (with highly heat and water resistant), fluororesin and terephthalic acid supports (with low adsorption and high corrosion resistance), as well as porous silica supports (with very few mesopores and superior physical strength).

    Our supports are compatible with liquid stationary phases of different concentrations and polarity for analytical requirements of various substances, such as biochemical and pharmaceutical samples (steroids, alkaloids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, and agricultural chemicals), inorganic gases (CO2, CO, and CH4), as well as environmental samples (short-chain hydrocarbons, aldehydes, sulfur compounds, and alcohols). All our supports feature:

    • Excellent ability to retain liquid stationary phase
    • Appropriate surface structure
    • Physical and chemical inertness, no adsorption of samples
    • Good mechanical strength and permeability
    • High heat resistance
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