UniMab® Protein A Affinity resins are designed to raise the purification efficiency of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and recombinant Fc fragment proteins. The resins are based on rigid, mono-sized polymethacrylate matrices with good surface hydrophilicity, minimal non-specific binding and high mechanical strength for fast flow operations. With excellent FC binding selectivity and base stability, UniMab® Protein A Affinity resins have proven its strong properties in many successful applications including bioprocess purification of mAb-drugs in phase III.


Product Name Cat. No. Particle Diameter Pore Size Size
UniMab 50 17010-050100 50 μm   30ml; 100ml; 500ml; 1L; 10L


  • Suitable for columns with higher bed height
  • High dynamic binding capacity (DBC) and high recovery yield
  • Minimal non-specific binding
  • Superior alkaline stability
  • High reproducibility
  • Low concentration host cell protein (HCP) and low level of protein A leachate


Matrix Mono-sized Polymethacrylate
Ligand Engineered rProtein A
Particle size, µm 50
Loading, mg human IgG/ml packing (4 min residence time) >35
Maximum pressure, psi (bar, MPa) 116 (8,0.8)
Maximum flow rate, cm/h 800
Protein A leachate < 5 ng/ml
pH stable range 3-12
CIP cleaning 0.1-0.5M NaOH
Temperature, °C 4-40
Storage 20% Ethanol, 2-8 °C

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