Particle Counters

A particle counter is a device designed to measure, monitor, and detect particles of any substance in a variety of material media such as air, water, or other chemicals. Particle counters can be used in a variety of labs, clean rooms, and industrial environments. The devices are divided into aerosol particle counters, liquid particle counters, and solid particle counters.

Aerosol counters measure the size and number of particles in the air of a closed space and are often used to determine air quality to detect cleanliness levels in a controlled environment such as clean rooms. Aerosol particle counters are usually available in optical and condensation types. Condensation particle counters detect particles by amplifying them, and they are generally ideal particle counters for use in clean rooms. Condensation particle counters can detect particles as small as 2nm, which cannot be detected even with optical particle counters. Optical particle counters utilize the principle of scattering of light to measure particles. They can be used to monitor particles in air and liquids. Liquid counters count particles in a particular liquid such as drinking water, cleaning solutions, and aqueous drugs. Solid particle counters measure dry particles from sources such as mining quarries and construction sites. They are used in a variety of industrial applications because of their accuracy and efficiency for the size of particles. In addition, solid particle counters are also used to analyze protein aggregation or material quality in industrial labs.

The main considerations in choosing a particle counter include the flow rate of the counter, the type of material and the size of the particle being analyzed. Amerigo Scientific offers handheld, bench-top and portable particle counters to meet different needs. Whether measuring particles in clean rooms, labs or industrial environments, our particle counters can provide accurate and reliable data to help maintain the high level of cleanliness and safety.

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