Expression systems utilizing mammalian cells has become the most ideal for studying or producing recombinant proteins, because the systems can introduce appropriate protein folding, post-translational modification, and product assembly, which are important for complete biological activity.

The main advantage of using mammalian cells for expression is that the signals for synthesis, processing and secretion of eukaryotic proteins are properly and efficiently recognized by the mammalian cells. Mammalian expression requires a suitable cell line and appropriate vectors. To express heterologous genes in mammalian cells, expression vectors include plasmids with mammalian promoters or viral vectors and particles. The DNA of interest is first cloned into an appropriate vector and then, through transfection, the gene is inserted into the host cells for expression. Mammalian expression efficiency can be improved through proper design of vector, including the use of strong promoter, proper signal peptide, selected introns, and optimization of product gene codon.

Amerigo Scientific offers transient or stable mammalian expression systems for expressing complicated, modified, and functional proteins/antibodies.

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ME002-H-S; ME002-H
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108675CAN
ME001-P-S; ME001-P
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: ME01108676CAN
ME001-H-S; ME001-H
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108677CAN
ME001-N-S; ME001-N
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: ME01108678CAN
  • Size: 20 rxn (1 µg)
  • Catalog Number: ME01108679CAN
ME002-N-S; ME002-N
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108680CAN
ME003-N-S; ME003-N
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108681CAN
ME003-P-S; ME003-P
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108682CAN
ME003-H-S; ME003-H
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  • Catalog Number: ME01108683CAN
  • Size: 20 rxn (1 µg)
  • Catalog Number: ME01108684CAN

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