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    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a formidable tool used to amplify specific DNA samples rapidly and exponentially to a large enough amount to be studied in detail for scientists. PCR-based technologies include quantitative or real-time PCR (qPCR), reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), and quantitative reverse transcription (RT-qPCR).

    Amerigo Scientific offers a wide variety of convenient kits for PCR and PCR-based experiments from manufacturers that have leading processes and excellent technical support.

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    Geneseed-D0101; Geneseed-D0102
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01462150GEN
    • Size: 25 tests/kit, for III, IV Instruments
    • Catalog Number: PK01456493LIF
    ER-0460-01; ER-0460-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456492LIF
    • Size: 25 tests/kit, for III, IV Instruments
    • Catalog Number: PK01456491LIF
    QD-0086-01; QD-0086-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456490LIF
    DD-0127-01; DD-0127-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456489LIF
    AR-0201-01; AR-0201-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456488LIF
    ZR-0241-01; ZR-0241-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456487LIF
    AD-0088-01; AD-0088-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456486LIF
    ER-0272-01; ER-0272-02
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: PK01456485LIF
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