Microscopy Flow Cells

The microscopy flow cell is a device designed for microscopic real-time observation of samples in a flow environment to monitor and evaluate biofilm processes. Microscopy flow cells feature a flow environment under controlled conditions protecting samples from external conditions. Its real-time nature ensures that researchers have a dynamic and reliable record.

Microscopic flow cells are commonly used for cell counting and analysis, spectral analysis, immunoassays, gene sequencing, scattering, particle counting, and flow visualization. In addition, they can be used to analyze biofilm attachment, growth, detachment, and cellular interactions accurately and reliably from a real-time perspective. Amerigo Scientific offers several types of microscopy flow cells to meet specific research scenarios.

Coupon evaluation flow cells and transmission flow cells are single- or dual-channel flat plate flow cells that use standard microscope coverslips as viewing windows. The stage mount of the microscopy flow cells can be directly attached to orthogonal and inverted microscope stages, allowing biofilm imaging through transmitted, epifluorescence, or confocal microscopy. Coupon evaluation flow cells have recessed wells at the bottom of the flow channel to accommodate test coupon samples. Transmission flow cells are used to image biofilm formation on glass or irregularly shaped materials, such as sutures, catheter sections, and porous media, placed in the flow chamber.

Capillary flow cells are designed to image biofilm formation in glass capillaries at a variety of flow rates and surface shear conditions. Capillary flow cells use square glass capillaries as viewing windows and flow channels. The range of flow rates through capillary flow cells is much wider than that allowed by flat plate flow cells. Fluid flow characterization from laminar to turbulent can be achieved in the glass capillary channel.

Treatment imaging flow cells are designed to provide imaging from the top of the biofilm during treatment with biocides, removers, and other chemicals. This unique perspective allows imaging of irregular biofilm surfaces when it is in contact with treatment chemicals. The small fluid volume of the cells minimizes the use of valuable compounds.

Amerigo Scientific offers autoclavable and reusable microscopy flow cells compatible with confocal, fluorescence, and reflected light microscopes, some of which are also compatible with transmitted light microscopes to meet specific research needs.

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