Total Proinsulin Chemiluminescence ELISA

Total Proinsulin Chemiluminescence ELISA

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MD01374468-01 ALP-80-PINHUT-CH01 The STELLUX® Chemi Human Total Proinsulin ELISA offers superior sensitivity compared to other kits in the market. The assay measures intact as well as Des (31,32) and Des (64,65) proinsulin. FDA Class I Device 96 Tests, 96 Wells Inquiry

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    • Introduction
      • Product Introduction

        Cross Reactivity

        Human Intact Proinsulin: 100%

        Human Des(64,65) Proinsulin: 100%

        Human Des(31,32) Proinsulin: 100%

        Human Insulin: <0.6%

        Human C-peptide: <0.1% 0%

        Detection: Chemiluminescence

        Species: Human

        Range: 5 pg/mL - 3000 pg/mL

        Sensitivity: 0.455 pg/mL

        Sample Types: Cell Culture, EDTA Plasma, Heparin Plasma, Serum, Tissue Culture

        Incubation Time: 2 hr 31 min

        Sample Size: 50µL

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      • FDA Class I Device

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