Microbiology is a biological science involved with the identification and characterization of microorganisms and their interactions with the surrounding environment. Microbiology consists of several sub-disciplines, including bacteriology, mycology, phycology, parasitology, and virology. The study of the ecology, biology, physiology, and genetic mechanisms of these disparate organisms provides key insights into other scientific fields, including medicine, agriculture, fermentation, food processing and so on.

Amerigo Scientific supplies a wide assortment of chemicals and reagents, culture media, antimicrobial sensitivity testing solutions, and food safety testing molecular solutions for public health, clinical laboratories, food companies, environmental screening, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

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  • Size: 16 ounces
  • Catalog Number: E001055293ZED
  • Size: package of 10
  • Catalog Number: E001055350ZED
  • Size: package of 10
  • Catalog Number: A001055431ZED
  • Size: 20 tubes per box
  • Catalog Number: M001056886HAR
  • Size: each
  • Catalog Number: M001056889HAR
  • Size: 50 disks per cartridge
  • Catalog Number: M001056890HAR
  • Size: 50 disks per cartridge
  • Catalog Number: M001056891HAR

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