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    Enzymes are biological catalysts that regulate the rate of chemical reactions that proceed in organisms and play irreplaceable roles in signal transduction pathways and cell regulation pathways.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a comprehensive collection of enzymes from global manufacturers covering all the core biological research areas.

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    KEN02100; KEN02500
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001442401KAN
    GAP01-A; GAP01-B
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001437003CYT
    • Size: 1 x 50U
    • Catalog Number: E001437002CYT
    GAS01-A; GAS01-B
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001437001CYT
    CT03-A; CT03-C
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001437000CYT
    • Size: 5000 units
    • Catalog Number: E001435944DAK
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001419884INN
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001419883INN
    • Size:
    • Catalog Number: E001419882INN
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