Enzymes are biological catalysts that regulate the rate of chemical reactions that proceed in organisms and play irreplaceable roles in signal transduction pathways and cell regulation pathways.

Amerigo Scientific offers a comprehensive collection of enzymes from global manufacturers covering all the core biological research areas.

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  • Catalog Number: E001056836BLI
  • Catalog Number: E001090094BBI
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  • Catalog Number: E001090413ARC
70500 (70501/70510/70511)
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: E001090422ARC
  • Application: PCR carry-over prevention
70600 (70601/70610/70611)
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: E001090421ARC
  • Application: Decontamination of PCR mastermixes; Removal of genomic DNA from RNA preparations
70700 (70710)
  • Size:
  • Catalog Number: E001090419ARC
  • Application: Dephosphorylation; PCR product clean-up

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