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    Porous irregular silica: 10 µm
    Pore diameter: 120 A°
    Surface area: 300 m²/g


    Porous irregular silica: 10μm, 20μm, 50μm
    Especially made for Large Prep or Process Columns. Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnical separations. Fully validated columns. For all kind of samples.


    Porous, spherical silica: 3 μm and 5 μm
    High chemical purity. High Inertness. Remarkable Selectivity.


    The Silica was developed to offer an alternative to Hypersil and Hypersil BDS. With the control of the whole manufacturing process Dr.Maisch can guarantee the highest reproducibility and performance. The column portfolio offers a competitive alternative to Thermo HyperSil range.


    Equisorb is a cost-effective Dr. Maisch branded alternative to Spherisorb media and available with multiple modifications.


    Spherical Polystyrenedivinylbenzene
    Pore diameterL: 75, 100, 300 A°
    pH-stable from pH 1-13


    Pore diameter: 120 A°
    Pore volumes: 0.7 ml/g
    Surface area: 175 m²/g


    Pore diameter: 60, 100, 300 A°
    Pore volume: 0.95, 1.25, 0.78 ml/g
    Surface area: 650, 420, 60 m²/g


    Pore diameter: 50, 100, 120, 300, 500, 1000, 4000 A°
    Pore volume: 0.8, 1.0, 0.65, 0.7 ml/g
    Surface area: 450, 350, 200, 100, 35, 25, 10 m²/g


    Pore diameter: 90 A°
    Pore volume: 0.7 ml/g
    Surface area: 350 m²/g


    Spherical porous silica: 120 A°. Bidentates C18, very long column life time
    Perfect “Shape selectivity”. Very stable in acidic area: up to pH-1


    Spherical Polystyrenedivinylbenzene: For bio-molecules with Perfusion Chromatography.
    Two different phase exist:
    R1 for very hydrophobic proteins and petides - R1 compares to a C4-phase.
    R2 for general reversed phase separation of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids - R2 compares to a C8-phase.


    Pore diameter / Surface area
    120A° / 300m²/g
    Alternative to µBondapak

    ReproGel GPC

    Reprogel GPC is a polymer based me for non-aqueous gel permeation chromatography of polymers. A range of 7 phases with different pore sizes separate polymers with a MW ranging from < 1000 Da up to 10,000 kDa.
    Column are used under 100% THF.
    The GPC phases are also available in 3 μm particle size.


    For sugars, Alcohols and org. Acids: (Polymers elute in front of monomers)
    Alternatives to: HC-75 (Waters), PL-HiPlex (Polymer Labs), Rezex (Phenomenex), Aminex 87 (Bio-Rad), Chrompack Org.Acid /Carbohydrates (Varian), Nucleogel-Sugar (MN), Supelcogel (Supelco), Carbosep (Shodex), Polyspher ( Merck), Metacarb (Metachem), Shim-Pack SPR (Shimadzu).
    Standard dimensions : 250 × 8 mm, 300 × 8 (7.8) mm, 300 × 6.5 mm, 300 × 4.6 mm

    ReproGel RP-1

    Pore diameter: 100 A°
    Excellent permeability and stability. Alternative to Kromasil.


    For sugars, Alcohols and org. Acids: (Polymers elute in front of monomers)
    Alternatives to: HC-75 (Waters), PL-HiPlex (Polymer Labs), Rezex (Phenomenex), Aminex 87 (Bio-Rad), Chrompack Org.Acid /Carbohydrates (Varian), Nucleogel-Sugar (MN), Supelcogel (Supelco), Carbosep (Shodex), Polyspher ( Merck), Metacarb (Metachem), Shim-Pack SPR (Shimadzu).
    Standard dimensions : 250 × 8 mm, 300 × 8 (7.8) mm, 300 × 6.5 mm, 300 × 4.6 mm

    Repromer OH

    Repromer OH is a polymer based media with a hydrophilic surface designed for aqueous size exclusion chromatography of neutral or anionic polymers and is offered as an alternative to TSK-G2500/3000/4000/5000 PW, Ultrahydrogel, PL-Aquagel, Polysep and others.


    Alternative to Nova-Pak.
    Porous silica: 4 μm

    ReproSil Gold

    Based on the same ultra high purity spherical silica as the Reprosil Pur series, Reprosil Gold medias exhibit an extended pH stability due to bidentate endcapping which makes it ideal for the analysis and purification of small molecules and biomolecules such as peptides, oligonucleotides and proteins with extended lifetime especially under basic conditions.

    ReproSil BDS

    Porous spherical silica: 3μm, 5μm, 10 μm
    Pore diameter: 80 A° 100 A° 120 A°
    Surface area: 220 m²/g 210 m²/g 170 m²/g

    ReproSil Gold 100

    A robust modern and all purpose ultra high purity spherical silica media scalable from UPLC to prep. Various pore sizes are available to cover applications for small molecules up to biomolecules. State-of-the-art surface modification technologies are employed for normal and reversed phase media including shape selective, high carbon load as well as water wettable alkyl phases.

    ReproSil XR

    An allround and fully scaleable spherical Silica from 1.5 to 15 µm with an extra high purity. The metal content is less than 100 ppb. The silica impresses with its very narrow pore size distribution this make 99 % of the surface accessable for the separation. The uniform bonded phase coverage translates to symmetrical peaks for acids/bases, and predictable reversed phase selectivity. Because of its very low metal content it also impressed with a high pH stability.
    ReproSil XR 300: for Proteins and Peptides, 300 A° Pores, Alternative to Vydac TP, (XRWP)


    Reprospher media are based on a 100 A ultrapure silica and are fully scalable from UPLC (1.9 µm particles) to preparative and process scale applications. Among the offered phases there are some unique selectivities such as a wide range of aromatic specialty phases, phases with polar selectivities and unique phases for achiral SFC.


    Pore diameter: 80 A°
    Pore volume: 0.44 ml/g
    Surface area: 220 m²/g


    Stability medias are based on high surface area silica with polar embedded basic or amide type groups for the critical analysis of basic compounds. The polyamine phases are recommended for sugars, proteins, nucleotides and organic acids.


    Pore diameter: 60, 100 A°
    Pore volume: 0.9, 1.2 ml/g
    Surface area: 700, 400 m²/g


    The company SepServ with the Ultrasep ES column line was founded by G. J. Eppert and I. Schinke in Berlin. The philosophy of the company was to be a bridge to solve problems with its experience. G. J. Eppert developed many different modifications for specialized applications in 40 years. Dr. Maisch HPLC GmbH bought the company SepServ in 2014 and has been continuing the production of the ultrasep columns since then.

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