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  • Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is frequently used as gene transfer vector because it has low toxicity and good tolerance and can drive long-term gene expression in gene therapy. The AAV capsid is a nonenveloped icosahedral protein shell with a diameter of 22 nm. The capsid is an essential component involved in cell binding, internalization, and trafficking within target cells. Each serotype of AAV has its own characteristic capsid with specific affinity for certain host cell receptors and thus exhibits unique tissue tropism and transduction efficiency.

    Amerigo Scientific offers well characterized AAV empty capsids in a liquid formulation that can be used as reference materials in assays, including dot blot, western blot, and ELISA. Our AAV empty capsids are fully assembled, empty AAV capsids with titers above 5.0E+12 capsids/ml.


    Product Name Size Packaging Plasmid
    AAV1 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pDP1rs
    AAV2 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pDP2rs
    AAV5 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pDP5rs
    AAV6 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pDP6rs
    AAV8 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pRep2-Cap8 + pHelper
    AAV9 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pRep2-Cap9 + pHelper
    AAVrh10 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pRep2-Cap-rh10 + pHelper
    AAVrh74 Empty Capsids (purity> 95%) 100 µl (> 5.0E+11 capsids) pRep2-Cap-rh74 + pHelper


    • Flexible to Use, Wide Application

    Because of the high viral titers and the buffer without any stabilizing proteins or dyes, our AAV empty capsids can be used in various applications including dot blot, western blot, and ELISA.

    • Short Preparation Time

    High quality AAV empty capsids are provided in the PBS containing 0.014% Tween, 1 mM MgCl2 and 2.5 mM KCl for flexible use in a variety of applications. Using the ready-to-use capsids greatly reduces preparation time and the chance of error.

    • Reliable and Accurate

    The high titers of the empty AAV capsids are validated by rigorous testing. The empty AAV capsids are produced in the absence of transgenes, so they do not carry a transgene and can be handled like proteins. In addition, the empty capsids are free from additives and stabilizing proteins.

    • Dependable Quality

    Characterizing AAV empty capsid materials follows a well-established quality control protocol, which ensures comprehensive characterization and reliable titer determination of each product. The QC protocol includes analysis of sample purity by SDS PAGE followed by silver staining, analysis of the filling grade by AUC or an orthogonal method, and determination of capsid titers using calibrated ELISA kits and international reference materials. The extensive quality control and the reliable characterization make the AAV empty capsids well suited as reference standards to ensure assay validity.

    AAV Empty Capsids vs ELISA Controls

    Because of the high titers, AAV empty capsids are well suited for a variety of applications, and AAV ELISA controls are specifically optimized for AAV ELISA assays. Please select the reference standard suitable for your application according to the product parameter table below.

      AAV Empty Capsids AAV ELISA Controls
    Titer >5.0E+12 ~4.0E+08-2.0E+10
    Buffer PBS + 0.014% Tween20 + 1 mM MgCl2 + 2.5mM KCI ASSB + stabilizing proteins and dye
    Format Liquid Lyophilized
    Application Dot blot, WB, ELISA ELISA

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