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    Click chemistry integrates a series of efficient and reliable chemical reactions to bind two molecular building blocks. The “click” reactions have the characteristics of modular, facile, wide scope, stereospecificity, high yields, and few or no byproducts. Among these click reactions, the Cu(I)-catalyzed alkyne/azide cycloaddition (CuAAC) is the most representative and widely used reaction. As a versatile method for oligonucleotide labeling, click chemistry is used to incorporate different molecules of interest, such as fluorophores, quencher dyes, other reporter molecules, and lipophilic ligands into oligonucleotides.

    Tranditional post-synthetic methods allow only a single type of reporter moiety or multiple copies of the same reporter moiety to be incorporated into an oligonucleotide. Amerigo Scientific offers the combinatorial click chemistry products for efficient attachment of a variety of dyes to the oligonucleotide backbone with almost quantitative yields of 95-98%. These products include a variety of 2’-O-propargyl building blocks, azido modified chromophores, and ligands. Solid support based Combinatorial Click Chemistry that allows the synthesis of multiply labeled oligonucleotides in a combinatorial manner during oligonucleotide synthesis on solid support. A two-step process is utilized via 2’-O-propargyl building block incorporation followed by a “click” attachment of the molecule of interest.

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