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  • RNA interference, or RNAi, a specific, potent, and highly successful approach, sequence-specifically destroys mRNA, causing null or hypomorphic phenotypes. Researchers fully or partially suppress the expression of a specific gene by RNAi, allowing targeted gene knockout and gene knockdown.

    At Amerigo, we supply two small RNA molecules that function in RNAi including short interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules and microRNAs (miRNA),and products for RNAi analysis in vitro and in vivo.

    • siRNA

      siRNA is the best way to effectively knock down gene expression to study protein function in a wide range of cell types.

    • miRNA

      microRNA (miRNA) regulates RNAs to decipher complex cellular processes in development and disease etiology.

    • RNAi controls

      Proper controls are essential to ensure success in every RNAi experiment.

    • RNAi Transfection

      A matching siRNA transfection program effectively delivers siRNA into the cell.

    • In Vivo siRNA

      A variety of solutions are to overcome challenges of in vivo RNAi work.

    • Vector-Based RNAi

      Vectors can assist siRNA to achieve transient or stable target gene knockdown in hard-to-transfect cells.

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