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    The principle of chromatographic separation is based on the different interactions between the sample components and the packing materials as sample passes through the column. The difference of the interaction causes the components separated from each other and flow out of the column in a sequential order. However, the analysis of permanent gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, etc.) without sub-ambient temperatures is almost impossible for a single gas chromatography (GC) column. This can be achieved using micropacked columns.

    Micropacked columns are stainless steel columns shorter and narrower than standard packed columns, packed with materials such as stable solid supports and molecular sieves. Micropacked columns have the characteristics of high temperature and corrosion resistance, besides high capacity and high retention of volatile compounds, which are especially suitable for the analysis of gas mixtures and highly volatile gases, e.g. sulfur compounds and light hydrocarbons. In addition, micropacked columns are also often used to analyze samples that are difficult to analyze with capillary columns, due to their high separation efficiency and much less restriction on sample volume than GC capillary columns.

    Amerigo Scientific offers GC micropacked columns in different sizes and packing, compatible with most capillary GC or GC/MS systems and instruments. Our micropacked columns can be rapidly equilibrated and effectively separate permanent gases without cryogenic cooling, greatly improving the sensitivity and efficiency of gas separation and saving customers' time and effort.

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