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    A syringe pump is a liquid handling device used to deliver accurate amounts of liquid in highly sensitive research, medical, and industrial environments. A syringe pump consists of a motor, a drive, and a reciprocating screw and nut. The nut connects the drive to the piston of the syringe. The motorized device precisely controls the movement of a fluid from a syringe by mechanically inserting or retracting the plunger. This mechanism helps to regulate the amount of fluid injected for precise and smooth delivery.

    Syringe pumps are powerful tools able to automate routine laboratory practices, saving time and providing more consistency than manual operations. Laboratory syringe pumps, also known as scientific syringe pumps or research syringe pumps, are often used to continuously dispense precise volumes of fluid over a period of time. Syringe pumps have a wide variety of uses such as calibration, dilution, dispensing, dosing, emulsifying, and infusing and withdrawing fluids. Syringe pumps are designed to be versatile and adaptable. The automated devices can be programmed with complex routines, or they can be directly controlled by computers and integrated with other equipment. The range of applications of syringe pumps in research is vast and can be used in mass spectrometry, flow chemistry, microfluidics and other fields.

    Syringe pumps can be divided into single- and multiple-syringe pumps according to the number of channels, and can be divided into split type and combined type according to the structure. Amerigo Scientific offers high precision, programmable and reliable syringe pumps for applications that require very accurate fluid delivery in research laboratories.

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