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    Chromatography is a process of separation at which a mixture of compounds can be separated and isolated, purified into different molecules that depend on different distribution rates. The components in the mixture are dispersed between the stationary phase and the mobile phase, and these components move in a specified direction at various speeds depending on solubility, affinity, and interaction with fixed material. The main parts of chromatography technology are sample, mobile phase and stationary phase. The stationary phase is a solid substance at which the mixture of the components can be separated. The mobile phase is a solid or liquid substance that carries a mixture containing a sample to be purified, isolated, separated at the surface of the stationary phase.

    The chromatographic techniques can be classified into planar chromatography and column chromatography, according to the shape of the stationary phase. Depending on the physical state of the mobile phase, there are gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. Gas chromatography is used for the analysis of volatile substances. In a gas chromatography assay, the mobile phase is gas, and the stationary phase is usually a microscopic layer of viscous liquid on solid support. Liquid chromatography is used for the analysis of non-volatile substances that are dissolved in a liquid. In liquid chromatography, the mobile phase is liquid and the stationary phase can be solid, liquid, or gel. In addition, chromatography can be divided into affinity, ion exchange, partition, adsorption, size exclusion chromatography, depending on the interaction between the stationary and mobile phases.

    Chromatography assay has a wide range of applications in biomedical, food and beverage, chemical and environmental fields. Amerigo Scientific offers different types of chromatographic assay kits that can be used to analyze specific compounds in a mixture. These products are easy-to-use analytical tools that contain necessary components for chromatographic assays to obtain reliable and accurate results.

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