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  • Biochemical reagents are chemicals found in a biological system that can be used for life science research. They could be organic compounds or biological substances. Currently, a variety of reagents (such as buffers, detergents, antibacterial agents, enzyme inhibitors and substrates) are available for biochemical, molecular, and cellular biology research and are essential to any laboratory. Each technique or workflow in research such as molecular biology, cell analysis, and protein detection requires the involvement of specific biochemical substances with specific properties. The critical reagents directly affect the quality, consistency, and specificity of results. When selecting critical biochemical reagents, the batch-to-batch consistency, performance, and biochemical or biophysical properties of reagents should be understood.

    Amerigo Scientific provides high quality biochemical reagents for a variety of research in the life sciences. Our products include catalysts, enzymes and substrates, inhibitors, and more. More reagent products can be effectively browsed in the extensive catalogue based on specific research applications.

    Biomolecules are molecules present in living organisms that are essential to one or more typical biological processes, such as cell division, morphogenesis, or development. Biomolecules include large molecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids, as well as small molecules such as primary metabolites, secondary metabolites, and natural products. Biomolecules are usually endogenous and are an important element of organisms. Meanwhile, organisms also rely on exogenous biomolecules for survival. Most biomolecules are organic compounds with only four elements, including oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, and some contain small amounts of other elements.

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