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  • Gas and liquid chromatography analysis can effectively detect trace substances for quantitative and qualitative analysis at ppm and ppb levels. They are widely used in environmental monitoring, food safety, and petrochemical areas. Sample preparation is the core step improving the overall accuracy and reliability of chromatography analysis, as well as speeding up detection process.

    The purpose of chromatography sample preparation is to extract target analytes as completely as possible or to remove interferences selectively, so that the analyte is converted into a more suitable form to detect. Sample preparation process directly influences the ability of subsequent chromatographic systems achieving continuous analysis and long-term stable operation.

    Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of ready-to-use products for efficient and reproducible sample preparation, whether for biological, organic or inorganic samples.


    • Extracting or concentrating samples without unplanned loss or modification
    • Efficient removal of interferences, including coarse particles and chemical interferences
    • Highly reducing sample preparation time and simplifying analysis methods
    • Effectively prolonging the use life of chromatography systems
    • A variety of products for the needs of specific samples, e.g., strong polar extracts, oils, lipids, biological fluids, aqueous samples, and natural products, etc.

    Product Range

    Solid Phase Extraction

    Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a good choice for highly efficient purification, which can be used with gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS, LC/MS) coupling techniques and other analytical methods.

    SPE is mainly suitable for samples in liquid form, combining liquid-solid extraction and chromatography techniques. Compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction methods, SPE can separate analytes from interfering components more effectively, easily and quickly.

    We offer high-quality SPE columns, cartridges, plates and accessories in a broad range of materials and sizes. To meet the needs for selective extract of desired analytes, our products include reversed phase SPE, normal phase SPE, affinity and ion exchange SPE, ensuring high levels of extraction and interferences removal.

    Solid Phase Extraction Packings

    To meet the needs of preparing samples from different sources, we offer a variety of monodisperse chromatography media in different particle sizes for SPE columns customization. These include silica-based chromatography packing, polymeric resins and solid phase extraction sorbents, etc.

    Our media can be used in a wide range of pH values for a wide variety of samples, with high batch-to-batch consistency ensuring excellent extraction, reproducibility, and low solubility.

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