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  • Venom is a mixture that animals have evolved for protection and predation. Venom composition varies from animal to animal, but most venoms are a heterogeneous mixture of inorganic salts, small organic molecules, peptides, and enzymes. The diversity of animals secreting venom encompasses nearly all the different phyla in the animal kingdom, such as mollusks, arthropods, and vertebrates.

    As natural products, the rich variety of venoms offers almost infinite possibilities for finding potential leads. Since ancient times, venoms from snakes, spiders and scorpions have been used in many traditional remedies and treatments. In modern times, venom-derived products and tools are widely used in cosmetics and medicine.

    At Amerigo Scientific, a range of novel venom-derived screening tools and novel peptides are offered in drug discovery, cosmetics, and crop science.

    Cosmetic Venom Peptides

    For reducing inflammation or protecting skin from toxins and pollutants

    Targeted Venom Discovery Arrays

    For research on drug targets, mechanisms of action, proof-of-concept, and proof-of-mechanism

    Diverse Venom Array

    Diverse crude venom arrays for unknown or too risky projects or targets

    Crude Venoms

    Individual, whole venoms are available from approximately 200 Species

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