Bioprocess Filtration Equipment

Bioprocess filtration equipment is used for the treatment and filtration of liquids or gases and plays an important role in efficient filtration processes in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The filter module of the device consists of filter media, cartridges, screens, or membranes, which are for the removal of suspended matter, impurities, particles, microorganisms, oils, greases, or other contaminants.

The processing filtration equipment consists mainly of a power unit, a chuck, a detection unit, and an automatic control unit, forming a stable platform that prevents any movement or misalignment that might affect the filtration efficiency. This specialized equipment securely holds and supports filter components, such as cartridges or membranes, during the bioprocess filtration process, thereby maintaining the integrity of the filtration process and improving filtration efficiency. In contrast to traditional filtration units, bioprocess filtration equipment offers a variety of advantages. Firstly, bioprocess filtration equipment has aseptic properties that allow filtration operations to be carried out under aseptic conditions, ensuring the purity and quality of bioproducts. And bioprocess filtration equipment is typically single-use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Most notably, productivity can be improved by maintaining proper alignment of the filtration media, ensuring leak-free connections, optimizing filtration efficiency, and increasing the overall performance and reliability of the bioprocess filtration system.

Amerigo Scientific offers a variety of filtration-based suspension and impurity removal solutions to produce high-quality and pure biological products. Our instrumentations are optimized for quality, cost, and throughput. We also offer bioprocess filtration fixture equipment, which is designed with materials that are compatible with biological fluids and features pressure monitoring to ensure optimal filtration performance and reliable results.

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