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Plasma is considered the fourth state of the substance. It is an ionized gas consisting of ions, electrons, and neutral atoms. The electrons in plasma exist at a higher temperature compared to neutral gases, but the plasma is always close to ambient temperature. Plasma is a unique processing medium when it comes to treating surfaces and surface modification.

The plasma surface treatment is an economical proven, effective, and environmentally safe method of critical surface treatment. Typical steps in a plasma surface modification process are plasma cleaning, etching, and coating. Plasma cleaning is a step that removes any unwanted surface contaminants such as mold release agents, lubricants, or oxides to ensure the success and longevity of the next process step. Plasma etching can increase the surface energy of many high-performance polymers, providing an additional anchor point for subsequent processing. In the plasma coating step, the layer material is introduced into the plasma in the form of a sacrificial target. Subsequently, the material removed from the sacrificial target or the decomposed gas and its components are deposited on the treated product to form a decorative or functional layer.

Plasma surface treatment systems are suitable for metals, plastics/polymers, elastomers, polymers bonded to other materials, such as metals, and textiles in materials science. Plasma surface treatment systems are also versatile tools in the life sciences for activating surfaces for cell culture, tissue engineering, implants, and so on. The plasma surface treatment system alters the surface chemistry of the material by introducing polar functional groups. The increased hydrophilicity, also known as wettability, of the surface after plasma treatment improves adhesion to aqueous coatings, adhesives, inks, and epoxy resins. In addition, the plasma surface treatment system improves the biocompatibility or bioactivity of materials and removes contaminating proteins and microorganisms.

Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of plasma surface treatment systems in various sizes and applications to conduct surface treatment of special materials.

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